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April 13, 2013

I’m having he worst time trying to post on WordPress from my iPad for some reason. When I edit a spelling error, then the whole s Rene freezes and prevents me from typing; I’ve tried all kinds of work-around s and have not yet found a solution,  It’s so frustrating and time consuming that Inhave abandoned trying to record my journey here. Sorry folks!



No more sleeps

April 8, 2013

The journey begins. Galina is coming to take me to the airport. The baggage needs one more edit – it’s too heavy, too full.

It’s always this way when I am carrying sketchbooks and pigments for the imagination.  One by one things come back out of the suitcase. I’ll buy the paints there. The paper. It doesn’t seem real some how . It won’t I until I’m on th e plane, racing from one gate to another.

One by one, out go the things I can do withou t – charcoal, light but too messy. I’ll buy it there; tubes of water colour (heavy metals); a sketchbook ( how many does a girl need) – and so on and on.

There are last minute things to do. gotta run!