Dressage is a sport and dressage is an art. In this, Susan Falk straddles both worlds. In her latest exhibition in May at the Fort Gallery, she brought her lively paintings of horses away from the stables and onto our exhibition walls.

The interesting thing about Falk’s work is the directness with which she paints, as if drawing rather than painting, but using colour and a brush to do so.

Here’s what she was showing at the Fort Gallery:

Susan Falk, Oil on Canvas

Susan Falk, Oil on Canvas

To see these (and several others) all in one gallery space is to feel the excitement and movement of these powerful yet controlled animals.

Congratulations Susan,

See more at    http://www.susanfalk.ca/statement.html

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One Response to “Ride”

  1. MDW Says:

    My sister was an “eventer” for many years so I’ve seen my share of Dressage – not exactly a big spectator sport outside of horsey circles.

    You are right, looking at these images on the web I would have guessed that they were chalk drawings. Cool.

    For some reason horses are always good subjects for art. Maybe because they are strong and powerful yet graceful.


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