The Ten Pound Challenge

Once again, shamelessly touting my own work….

What I lost in Paris and What I gained in Strasbourg, Kristin Krimmel 16 x 20 approx. Collage on acid free mat board.

Every year the Fort Gallery collective in Fort Langley, B.C.  sets a challenge to each of its artists to create artwork for the yearly Spring group show. This year the challenge was to create an objet d’art with something that weighs ten pounds. One other material could be added to it to bring it all together.

With twenty artists, there are twenty different takes on this challenge. A bit like Reality TV!
I have three pieces in the show.  Two relate to my travels this summer in Europe. One is entitled, “What I lost in Paris”, which of course was 10 pounds of Canadian butter off the hips. It was directly due to the workout I got following my cousin Claire through the maze of streets above ground and doing the thousands of steps in the underground Metro to go between train track levels.
It’s my new diet: Go to Paris and move about on foot. You see more and you weigh less. Can it be any less expensive than Jenny Craig or LA Weight loss or Curves?
But at the end of my trip, I stopped by Strasbourg and met my cousin Barbara  and her long time friend from student days who still lives there. She is an epicure and knows the best of restaurants. Oops! On went the ten pounds in Strasbourgian butter!

My third piece in the show is about my father and the things he left me. He opened up the country with his early-days surveying, guided by couriers des bois into the wilds of the Canadian north. I have lots of his maps and some of his equipment. So I’ve created an assemblage in his honour.

Friday night is our opening celebration at the Fort Gallery, between 7 and 9 p.m. Each artist is bring an libation and some finger food. You can bet it will be good! Please come join us if you can.


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One Response to “The Ten Pound Challenge”

  1. fencer Says:

    Hi lookingforbeauty,

    Wow, I would really like to see what you did with the maps and survey equipment!

    I worked as a surveyor for a number of years. But the older generations of surveyors like your father were extraordinary with the equipment they had, and the effort it took to do the work.


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