North Shore Mountains

I’ve got to be quick, this evening. It’s already after the witching hour and I have to get up early in the morning to deposit my paintings for their hanging at Hycroft in Vancouver. For any of you who are living in the area, the show opens on the 2nd of May with a reception from 2 – 3:30.

I used to live in an apartment in the False Creek, Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver. We were on the third floor up which had a glassed in balcony. I could look across to the North Shore Mountains and see in 180 degrees from Point Grey to Burnaby Mountain. The view was terrific!

Often I would find myself painting another oil that only had to do with the mountains themselves. I painted them in summer and winter, spring and fall. I painted them early day and late day, with snow on them or with the slopes laid bare by the heat of the sun.

Since this is my own work, I’m simply going to show them to you. No commentary more than I’ve already done. I’ll let you out there be my critics…

This is the largest at 24 x 36 inches, oil on Canvas.

The remainder are 16 x 20 inches each.

Summer night sky

Moving clouds, 16 x 20, oil on canvas

Originally, I was going to put them all in one frame somehow, but the logistics of it were not easy. Now I have some front loading frames for them and they look super compared to unframed.

I hope you like them,



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4 Responses to “North Shore Mountains”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    These are beautiful. The thing that struck me, first and foremost, is how well you captured the time of day and circumstances you were painting in. They have all left me with a feeling rather than just the seeing of the image. The largest one has really captured that sensation of the whiteness of snow all around; that blindness of light that happens. They all impart to me a sensation of vastness and grandeur and make me yearn for more. My favorite? “Moving Clouds” I could stare at it, daily, and never tire. Thank-you for sharing these, K.

  2. Sonya Chasey Says:

    Of course I love mountains anyway. For me you’ve very much expressed something of the experience of mountains. The overall simplicity also contains a subtlety in the range of tones & how light falls onto the masses that is quite atmospheric.

    With a view like that I’m not surprised you’d be wanting to paint it all the time.

    Hope the show has gone well.

    • lookingforbeauty Says:

      Hi Sonya, I had a tremendous response from the people who came to view, for which I am very thankful. I don’t know what I would do without mountains, but I am no longer living in a place where I see them directly from my studio, so I have to go out to get some quality time, looking at them. I just want to say again that I have great respect for your work. I look in to see it from time to time and enjoy your way with forms and shapes immensely. Where are you in Europe exactly? Is it easy to get to by train? Do you welcome visitors to your studio? I plan to be in Geneva in the late summer and then may do some travelling. Depending on how easy it is to get places, I might come to visit (if that is a welcome thing).

  3. Sonya Chasey Says:

    Glad to hear your exhibition went so well.

    As for me, of course you’d be welcome to visit – how nice of you to even think of it!
    A bit of a way from Geneva though! On the other hand, this is a beautiful area to visit anyway in my opinion. Basically, there is a high speed train from Paris which takes between 5 or 6 hours (it’s only high speed as far as Bordeaux). Hendaye is the last stop on the Atlantic coast before the Spanish border. A more famous place some 30km/20 miles North of Hendaye is Biarritz.

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