Christmas at Hycroft Artisan Village

Detail of decoration on pottery, Nellie Vlaar

Each year, the University Women Club of Vancouver holds an event in their marvelous McRae heritage house called Hycroft, at 16th and Granville. It lasts for four days from Thursday to Sunday and people keep coming year after year to begin celebration of the Christmas season.
Little children come all dressed up so that they can sit on Santa’s knee. There is live music on piano and the Hycroft choir. Charity Boutiques – A thousand Villages, the local Vancouver Aquarium, UNICEF and Families for Children, to name a few, bring handcrafts and manufactured objects that people love to purchase for gifts or decoration for the home. There is lots of bling and glitter,  razz-ma-tazz and shine.

Downstairs in the former ballroom, the area is converted into a craft market with high end products in jewellry, ceramics, designer clothing and then some specialty wines and cooking products that are produced in small-batch, artisanal manner.

Here are a few of my favourite things that I saw:

From Nellie Vlaar, B.C. Potter,

I love her sense of pattern. Though she changes colour and glazes her pottery for practical use, I find many links between this and the New Mexican Pueblo artist, particularly in regard to the ever expanding geometric forms.

And  from Valerie Gobert:

Note that the last two photos are of the same piece of jewelry, but how different they appear on the different backgrounds.

Here’s the work of D’Arcy Margesson:

I liked the way this potter used kiln supports as the pillars between his display shelves.

And then from Mioara Stirbu, a clothing designer, these fabulous fashions:



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