Linda Levett

I was in Vancouver in March to see an exhibition of Linda Levett’s work . Even though the show is over, I thought you might like to see these images.

At the time I started this post, I had several other things going on, so I never finished the commentary and the unfortunate thing is that I don’t know the titles to these works.  Nevertheless, they are worth seeing

There are so many shows with landscape as theme that one has to be quite special to shine in this department I found Linda’s quite lovely and fresh. Each painting is quite different from the next in composition and colour which makes me realize that she is carefully observant and capable of translating her observations into specifics of colour and form.

Here are a few of Levett’s works:


I like this image because of the moodiness created by the dark horizon which is contrasted by the warm light of late day sunshine. The painting glows. The park bench gives an element of mystery, almost as if the viewer is coming up to his or her destination of a well earned rest.


Snow landscapes can so often fail with a poor choice of shadow color. This painting has just the right tone to capture the effect of winter light and dark.  It has a warm glow despite all that iciness and once again, we have that park bench waiting for an occupant. The small tree in mid-plane of the picture serves well to establish a good sense of distance.

From an artist’s point of view, this is not an easy image to paint and maintain credibility. The tangle of branches are specific enough to ensure that the eye has lots of interesting shapes to keep the eye circulating back and through the image.


This water-side tangle of  a winter forest has all the loose painterliness of the Group of Seven style.  Colours are rich and varied, helping to convey the warmth and beauty of a sunny winter day. At approximately 9 x 12 inches , this little traditional painting was my favourite


I’m getting repetitive on my adjectives, so will leave you to draw the same conclusions on this piece. Just note here, though, the difference in colour of the shadows from the lacy, snowy branches in the one above. It just confirms that this painter is really doing a very good job of observing her subject matter.


In this show, Linda Levett’s work had two themes. One, the landscapes that I commentated on, above, and the second theme centred around a  visit to Venice. These three images are separate paintings,  elongated tall images, showing the reflections in water. The colours are just lovely and the very fluid, almost abstract forms have a beautiful, credible liquidity. Perspective is established only through the use of colour and the size of the reflection shapes. It’s quite cleverly done really and yet remains so fresh and simple looking. Just like Olympian skaters!

You can find Levett’s work at


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One Response to “Linda Levett”

  1. Linda Levett Says:

    Just a note to say thank you for your kind words about my art. I’m sorry that my website is down right now, being updated.

    Thanks again

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