Rage and reconciliation

Mrs. Stepford had a wee dinner celebration for Earth Day last evening. We ate a delicious hot dinner of ribs (Oh Lordy, she’s a good cook!) before the lights went out. Martha, the other guest, brought some home made Jonagold apple sauce and Balderson’s very aged white cheddar to go with it. Mmmmm! A simple feast!

At 8:30 we lit candles, turned out the electricity and started to tell stories.

Martha brought a book, a collection of short essays authored by someone who wrote for the Philedelphia Press and read two of them. One was about geese no longer going south because the urban winter environment was just too comfortable and safe for them. The other concerned the careless activity of smokers flicking their toxin laden cigarette butts into the landscape, forever polluting the land and the waterways with said toxins. Interesting stuff.

We so much enjoyed this activity that we stayed an extra half hour without electricity blaming it on Mrs. Stepford who forgot to unplug the coffee pot during the seance. She took the ribbing well – but not so well that she wasn’t ready to give me a poke about my just previous blog about art philosophy.

She was determined that I had inadvertently done some art student’s homework providing him with the answer to his class assignment – falling unwittingly into his artful trap in doing so.

Martha, unaware of the issues, asked what it was all about, so Mrs. Stepford printed out a copy, and I read out the question in the student’s garbled version (or maybe it was the prof’s???).

So we talked about it for a while. In the end, Mrs. Stepford said with a laugh,”You went on a rage there! Everyone knows your aversion to artspeak! You came away looking like you were justifying your own existence! Very teacherish. Professorial. Just whacking the student a little overmuch.”

I admitted sheepishly that I had gone into a bit of rage at the sloppy thinking and the sloppy use of English language. Martha got restless at the academic turn of conversation and stood up to go.

Mr. Stepford came home and asked for a rerun of the question. By now, I was feeling rather beat upon and  raced Martha to the door. All in good fun and in celebration of the Good Earth……

So if any of you out there found me out of my usual character on the last post,  I don’t apologize. I just recognize that this Gemini individual that I am  has this congenial, soft-spoken friendly side and a seldom exposed rigorous rage that pops seemingly out of nowhere.

So if I’ve driven anyone away (Mrs. Stepford), please come back. I promise to return to my jocular self in all successive posts.

(Maybe? …)

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