This week

This week I haven’t been inspired. The words don’t flow. This evening, though, I downloaded a few recent photos from my camera and here they are:


We had about twenty seconds of sunshine this week and it came pouring in my south window right onto my kitchen counter and blessed these cut up yellow peppers with a dash of light.

Then I was out raking some of last autumn’s leaf mould which I leave on the garden until the threat of frost is over. I was raking it away from my crocus garden because they are struggling to show through. I found this leaf skeleton which I find fascinating – the structure remains but the flesh is gone.


We had had a week of sunshine and temperatures in the ten above range. I was going out with just a nice heavy sweater – no need for a jacket nor scarf nor boots. On Monday, the temperature dipped down to below zero again and there was a late snow fall of an inch or so, all crusty and clean white. Maybe my crocus wanted that leaf mould protection  still, but it was too late. Here they are – and isn’t the transition from the yellow to purple just magnificent. How does the petal do that without getting the colours muddy? They are opposite colours, and if you tried to duplicate that in watercolour, it would go all muddy and create a grey.



And there it is. Crisp snow, good light and a great shadow to boot. I think it’s the last we will see this winter.   It has been raining heavily ever since.

Spring has sprung.

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2 Responses to “This week”

  1. forestrat Says:

    Wow, I am way behind in my reading.

    Nice photos. The purple and the yellow blending is neat. My mom has lots of crocus in her yard and I always love to see them so early in the year. For some reason I don’t have any in my yard – maybe I’ll get around to fixing that this year.



    Hi Forestrat,
    Glad to see you back.
    I was thinking that I’d like to plant lots of crocus in one of my gardens and let them spread so that I had a whole field of them.

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