It’s been one of those housekeeping days – getting paintings ready for going out to rental; getting out the Christmas tree (yes, an artificial one) and assembling it; putting away paintings from the last Art Market and the Networking display I had; sorting through a box of art-related papers, files and magazines, hoping I could chuck half of it, but couldn’t.

I also went out with Mrs. Stepford to mail some Christmas Cards. She needed to pick up her new white cane from the post office. She was pretty snappy about it too, flicking it out to the curb and dashing it around to feel her way, although she really doesn’t need it in that way yet . She mostly needs it for others to see that she doesn’t see them very well.  The thing folds up into a little bundle with a stretchy cord so that she can just put it in her purse when she doesn’t need it.

As a result, there’s no writing. I thought I might just share one of my Christmas collages, though. I do these every year with the bits of paper that stick to the Scotch tape from opened  presents.

This one includes scraps of purple foil from a wrapped Purdy’s chocolate. It’s interesting to play with the random shapes and textures that result from ripping the tape from the paper. The images end up being not explicitly Christmas-like, but they have an elided sense of Christmas that you have to guess at.

I may get around to saying it closer to the time, but the season gets busy with festivities and family things, so here’s my first message on the subject to all of you who drop in from Cyberspace.

Merry Christmas!


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2 Responses to “”

  1. fencer Says:

    Hi lookingforbeauty,

    Very cool! That would look great hanging on the right wall…


  2. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Thanks Fencer. The wall would have to be very, very small. It’s an image that measures less than 4 x 4 inches! I did them with the afterthought that they make great maquettes for a larger painting. I could see this as a piece of fabric art too, with felts and lamés and some clear plastic just like the “fabric” make clear raincoats and umbrellas from.

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