Which came first (And let there be light)

Whistler and I were breakfasting the other day when a shaft of glorious sunshine came through the semi-sheer drapes and joined us. Whereas we had eaten all the eggs for breakfast and there was nothing left to eat, Sunshine decided to light up the shells.

My theory in art has long been this”

It’s not what you paint, but how you paint it. You can make a composition from the most mundane things. It’s the underlying beauty of forms, texture and especially light, that make things sing. Capturing the effects of light as it happens is my favorite thing in photography.

So here it is. The “getting-in-the door” present of Sol, our breakfast visitor – magnificent light. And who would have thought that a broken egg shell could be beautiful?

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2 Responses to “Which came first (And let there be light)”

  1. deanmelbourne Says:

    Really beautiful shot. great symbolism too! Interestigly you talk about mundane objects but have chosen objects that are beautiful to start with.

    this image will stick in my head I think, really is good!


  2. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Thanks Dean,
    I’m a middling photographer who sometimes lucks out and this was one of them. I took ten shots to get this one that worked marvelously.
    I use the word mundane in its root meaning – of this world or ordinary. My mission in much of my art is to show people that ordinary things are really beautiful if we only care to look at them with eyes filled with wonder.
    It sure keeps my life generally positive and happy.

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