A treasure chest of images.

Family Portrait Tryptich

Paintings by Rick Mobbs (images copyrighted by the artist)

I stumbled upon this painter while looking at some writing – you know how it goes. Someone comments on your work, you look at what they are writing. You notice a comment on their work that is interesting. They post a picture that has inspired their writing. You seek that out and all of a sudden you have opened up a marvelous treasure chest of images that sing, that need infinite looking. Pearls of images. Diamonds. Intricate turquoises. Lapis and garnets. It’s all there tumbling out in a rich jumble. Have a look!


Congratulations Rick.

and post script.

I contacted Rick Mobbs and he kindly allewed me to lift some images from his web site which I have now posted above. I had a difficult time choosing. He’s so talented that anything he draws is beautifully done. I thoroughly admired his drawings of boots, boxers and calves. He makes a mundane object sing with life just in the lively way in which he draws/paints it.  But it was his illustrative, fantasy, childlike images that I became absorbed in. He has such an imagination. But there is nothing childish about his work. His visual vocabulary is rich in colour, texture and rhythms. His compositions artfully draw you around the image as if you were effortlessly flying in a dream world.

And by the way, he writes as well. His web site will lead you to that, if you are interested in going in exploring his written word.


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2 Responses to “A treasure chest of images.”

  1. rick mobbs Says:

    You are very kind. Thank you for the email that lead me back to this and to your beautiful work on exhibit at kristinkrimmel dot com. Please feel free to post my work as you wish. I am always happy to meet other people who love what they do. I’ll add you to my blogroll, as well. Thanks for the boost! I’ll look forward to checking in again with more time to look around. Peace, Rick

  2. suburbanlife Says:

    Rick Mobbs is a tremendous find – what an image maker and poet. Wow!
    I’m glad you found him. G

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