Ta Da!

For those of you who follow this post regularly, you may recognize this watercolour by it’s description that I wrote recently about the process of creating a watercolour. If you didn’t catch that post, then here’s the web address to read all about it – there are two actually. Or, you can just work backwards in my posts and pick it up (Archive, August 2008)




The thing that drives a prolific artist is that they are never satisfied with their work. In a spirit of self-critique, since I’ve had about a week to ponder on this image I have created, I’d like to tackle it again with a happier more uplifting colour for the background. Perhaps a French Ultramarine blue – one of my favorite colours; or a lime green, or who knows.

When I first saw this image and cropped it out of reality, I was looking at two beautiful hibiscus flowers, freshly picked from their tropical setting and placed without the enhancement of vase or other container, directly on the black lacquered coffee tables of The Pearl of the South Pacific reception area lounge. The simplicity was stunning. The air is so humid, the flowers do not wilt, once plucked, when out of water. There are so many blooms on the grounds of the resort that the flowers are simply renewed each day, fresh, and placed on these low tables in the entrance and sometimes are added to the bathroom counter in each room.  They are simply lovely. There’s no other word for it.

It’s the job of one of the housekeeping staff to go out and pick flowers. Nice work if you can get it!

My sister who can charm anyone inveigled this lovely woman to pose for us with the flowers she had reaped from the tropical garden. As usual, my sister who has a Masters degree in the teaching of French started to learn the Fijian language. With her face lit up in a mischievous smile, she said ” Kata, Kata!” waving her right hand as if gesturing in French for “Oo-lah-lah”.   Kata, Kata means Hot! Hot! and it was very hot and humid that day.

That set the flower gatherer to giggling and smiling. My best photo of our flower lady is a bit more serious.

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4 Responses to “Ta Da!”

  1. forestrat Says:


    Personally I like the dark background.

    This is probably a dumb question, but is watercolor a relatively new painting method? I don’t think that I can remember ever seeing an old work that wasn’t an oil.


  2. lookingforbeauty Says:

    No question is ever dumb.
    One of the reasons you will not see many watercolour paintings in galleries (like MOMA, The Louvre, the National Gallery, etc) is that watercolours are still considered drawing, not painting, illogical as that may be.
    Once again, you have triggered a good subject for a blog, so I will continue the discussion on my next blog.
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. swatch Says:

    The interaction between these two flowers astounds me. They embrace yet they tear away. They swirl and and circle, and there they lie. I love this. I will read your account of the painting more carefully. This is the first of your watercolours I have seen and it lends great weight to your encouragement of my work. Thanks for all this K. – Stephen

  4. lookingforbeauty Says:

    I’m glad to see you are enjoying the posts. I’ll have to get back to work here and get out my paint brushes.

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