The camera and the eye

I stopped by to read a post on the Internet about how the eye sees.

and I left this comment:

“Perhaps all that we store as memory are Zipped files that will open and expand when we access them. Why else would it happen that we drive through our childhood neighborhood and all of a sudden an Archived file opens – say, building a pit fire in the back yard to cook a potato with your childhood friend – and then the file expands to remember the friend, the house, the parents, the chicken coop, the grass that wouldn’t light, the chicken wire fencing, other things that you did together….. etc, etc.

I remember the first time the camera operation was explained to me in terms of the eye in high school science class. Then, only a few years later, in University Zoology, the prof was explaining the eye in terms of camera operation!

Another thing about the eye that I find interesting is that once you lose your eyesight, say with macular degeneration for example, and you can no longer see anything, your mind can still conjure up images as if you saw them standing before you.

Now we explain a lot of brain functioning in terms of the computer.

Interesting, don’t you think?

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