Gallery hopping on the Internet

When someone stops by my blog, I usually return the favour to see what they are writing. One of my visitors had just bought a painting from Sonya Sklaroff and was tremendously excited to have it. It was one of the Water tower paintings.

I’m on a work holiday so I found a bit of time to go looking at Sonya’s work. Here’s the web address for her.

It takes quite a bit of time to look through her site because you have to activate the photos one by one (at least I didn’t find a quicker way) but it’s worth it.

Her chief subject matter is cityscape in New York. She has a water tower series, a series of city street and stores, a good selection of landscapes, interiors and portraits. If you know Edward Hopper’s work, you will find a link to that master both in style and theme.

I like the strong colour sense and the bold directness of her painting style. She has a great handle on light and shadow and uses them to create dramatic settings for industrial structures. Besides having vision (in this case, picking out a great image from her surroundings) she has has impeccable compositional sense. I can see her understanding of the abstract principles that make a painting work. I get the feel that she has passion for whatever strikes her visual interest.

In my opinion, two of the series don’t hold up to the high standard of her other work – the life drawings/paintings and the Tuscany imagery – although even these are still good.

I remember being in Seguret in the mid-’70s at an International Atelier for artists. It was the first time I was in France and the first time in Provence. Everything was new. I stayed for a month and only was able to draw from the rich visual surroundings for my art work in the third or fourth week. One needs time to digest what one sees; so I can understand that these Tuscany paintings are less solidly grounded than the rest.

I’m house painting this afternoon, so I have to go back to my four inch brush and the porch floor boards. In the meantime, if you drop by my site to read this, I invite you to take a stroll through a New York gallery via a visit to onya Sklaroff’s work on her web site. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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3 Responses to “Gallery hopping on the Internet”

  1. Jules Sherman Says:

    I own 6 of Sonya’s paintings. They continue to amaze me the more I look at them.
    She is an incredibly prolific talent who has a show right now at Steuben on Madison in NYC.
    Gorgeous cityscapes….

  2. forestrat Says:

    Thanks for pointing out this site – I always like to see new stuff and I figure that if you think it is worth seeing than it must be pretty good stuff.

    Overall I liked Sklaroff’s work. Oddly enough, even though I am a really color oriented person, I felt that many of the colors were too much for me. Almost like photographs that have been processed with too much saturation – maybe it is just an artifact of my monitor.

    On the other hand I really liked the charcoals and inks on paper. The lack of color showed off the forms and the shadings.



    I really found that Skarloff’s drawings shone, as well. They are freer and livelier.
    I know what you mean about colours that may have been pushed too far. Like some of the orange/red skies. But overall, I found her work very interesting
    Thanks for the comments.

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