I’ve been away from the act of creation for some long time now, fault of many things. My house is not in order and without that, I find it impossible to tackle new works of art creatively.

An invitation arrived in my e-mail this morning from a fellow blogger who, it seems, is having an exhibition of his work.

Now, I haven’t been blogging nor reading blogs either, so I thought I would stroll through his posts and refresh my acquaintance with his work. I found this lively one on sculpture where a professor has taken his students out onto a farm area and had the students create installation type work within the landscape using materials from the landscape or inspired by it. The sheer inventiveness of the art is stunning.

It always amazes me that, given the same instructions and limited by the same parameters of materials and  site, each individual will come up with astoundingly different imagery. “Bravo!” I say. This is what art is meant to be.

Here’s the site address:



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