The little blighters got me! Arghhh!


While in Fiji just a week ago, I was approached by the manager of the resort about my paintings. I gave him my business card and invited him to look at my web site so that he would have a feel for the larger work that I did and he would be able to look at my qualifications while he was at it.

Next day, he came back to me with a doleful face.

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, ” he said,”but your web site has been hacked . There’s nothing there.”

Later on, with his permission, I went up into his office and he showed me. There’s nothing there. Nothing except a nasty and gloating message from some silly hacker who found it delightful to put my whole website to waste.

There was nothing I could do from Fiji. I reverted to Fiji Time and went back to vacationing.

One of the first calls I made when I arrived back home on Friday was to Hugh, my nerd Nephew. As I told him my woeful tale, he was already looking up my site and trying to see if anything could be saved. He’s in the middle of exams and final papers for his first year of his Master’s studies, so I forbade him to go down that path. He’ll get to it when he’s finished at the end of April. In the meantime, I can no longer refer people to my site so that they can see what my work looks like.

“Can’t they catch the people who do this?” I complained.

“What are you going to do when you find out it is some brilliant Russian living in Vladivostok? The hacker could live anywhere in the world.”

He had a point there. What could you do, even if it was someone in mid-America?

And so I must wait for a while to reconstruct the site. Or maybe when rebuilding, I can make some changes to it!.

When one door closes, another one opens.


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