Sixty Minute Artist

I was viewing an interesting post on the Sixty Minute Artist post and enjoyed his conversation very much. He has several versions of a painting he is working on and has asked for comments. However, you need to sign in and, having written a bunch of the comment, I tried to go back to the pictures to review what I had said with what I had seen on his post. Apparently, if I signed in with my blog address and password, it would send the comment, but it wouldn’t accept it. An alternative was the Google sign up, but I’ve so many sign ups and passwords, I would rather have avoided doing that.

Even so, when I started that process, the system gave me a choice of abandoning what I had written so that I would be allowed to post a comment or abandoning it. So I copied what I had said, and here it is:

You post is an interesting proposal for a modus operandi. I actually prefer the first cut on this and not the desaturated and contrasted one of the second proposal, though I can see that this is a good tool to have a sense of the tonal balance.

The way I look at it, the large bright light that then occurs in the upper right quadrant becomes overpowering. It pops forward and the spacial relationship is lost to the context.
It needs to be pushed back so that the trees then feel as if they are coming forward in the picture plane more than the sky.

I liked the version where there is more foreground, with dark shapes on the green “grounding” the picture and giving an entry point back into the distance.

When I went looking for his web site I found this:

so you can go look at the site as well and can see what I was talking about, above.

I think you will like his work. I’m just sorry I couldn’t get past the administrative details and reply directly below his work. He’s an interesting painter with a bent for the traditional.


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  1. Jerry Says:

    Thanks Kristin, I have fixed the commenting problem. There are no restrictions–anybody can comment on my blog. Check out the revised study posted yesterday. Jerry (sixtyminuteartist)

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