Moving studio


I’m moving studio and house, finding that much in a studio can’t be packed in a box and put on a mover’s truck. I’d need hundreds of mover’s mirror boxes if I did it that way.

In packing up a hoard of watercolour paper yesterday, I found it a good, economical way of separating out paintings with glass, stacking a few sheets of Arches between the glass and frame surface and the next painting. (The Back to back, glass to glass rule for stacking paintings.)

Paper is incredibly heavy. All during my working years, just recently ended, I bought paper against the day I would be retired and could ill afford luxuries of good paper. I never thought of ever moving it.

Anyway, as I packed out the heavy sheets to the car, I had a wicked smile curving the edges of my lips. Every one of those lovely sheets of Arches or Waterford watercolour paper is going to be an exploration, a meditation of colour and form.

I can’t wait until I’m settled to get going on it.


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