Art thought

Memory of Moon through treesAre the pictures that you paint in your mind while driving down the highway, that you never get to paint, that you forget by the time you get home, are they still valid paintings? Do they serve a purpose?

Eventually, after a million commutes through various times of day and various kinds of atmospheric changes and the effects of the four seasons, does some eternal truth imprint itself on the mind and give you the quintessential image that you might paint by memory or imagination?

And then, in the flash of a brush, you create a painting that describes one of these memory imprints? Is that valid?

2 Responses to “Art thought”

  1. nouveaufauves Says:

    Painting from memory has been a challenge I have tried many times. I am inspired by this memory painting of yours…..just the impression of the passing images from your car. How perfect!. I am going to try more. I have a storehouse of memories. Plenty of material for paintings, right? I am looking forward to seeing more of yours. You do this so well.

  2. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Just get out those paints and get going! I looked up your paintings on the internet and am impressed not only with your paintings but with your work history in the arts.

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